Where is FindMeFollowMe information stored? I found asterisk.findmefollow DB in CLI, which contains correct info. When i tried changing info, all changes seem to have been made, no errors, and updated information is displayed in table, but when I dial or check extension via GUI it writes back changes. also, where is (DB(AMPUSER/${AMPUSER}/followme)?
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You need to update the group list


Or from Asterisk CLI

database put AMPUSER 201/followme/grplist 201-888444555#

Thank you!
is this database MySQL or a conf?

Actually what needs to happen is a fwconsole reload which will mimic a Apply Config. The OP made direct changes to the MySQL database so it will take more than just updating the grplist field. Everything needs to be updated.

It’s in the GUI. Use the GUI for this, you are not versed enough in the backend workings of FreePBX/Asterisk so doing all this in the CLI and independently is going to leave huge gaps.

With the way I posted, I never have to reload config for it to work or show in the GUI, this works great in the Asterisk dialplan as well.

OK so you update the individual settings for each of the FollowMe settings? You update the needsconf setting? The ddial setting? Which is an important one because that is either set to EXTENSION or DIRECT with the former sending the call to the extension and the latter forcing the call into the FollowMe list to use the grplist. Then there is the CallerID format, the CID prefix. You update all these individually using the database command in Asterisk?

And yes, they show up fine in the GUI because the GUI reads the MySQL database for the information but also it looks at the AstDB because things like needsconf and ddial are not stored in the MySQL database they are 100% AstDB only settings.

To confirm, your method makes sure all these are set and/or updated:

/AMPUSER/2112/followme/changecid=> default
/AMPUSER/2112/followme/ddial=> EXTENSION
/AMPUSER/2112/followme/grpconf=> DISABLED
/AMPUSER/2112/followme/grplist=> 2112-2113
/AMPUSER/2112/followme/grppre=> FM_
/AMPUSER/2112/followme/grptime=> 25
/AMPUSER/2112/followme/postdest=> ext-local,2112,dest
/AMPUSER/2112/followme/prering=> 7
/AMPUSER/2112/followme/ringing=> Ring
/AMPUSER/2112/followme/strategy=> ringallv2-prim

I’ll second you there! thank you so much .

I understood from OPs post (could be I’m wrong) that he’s looking for a way to update where FM rings, and I’m currently doing this via Asterisk Dialplan and just updating the grplist.

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Much appreciated everyone.

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