FindmeFollow CID Prefix Not Displayed on Mobile Phones

I cannot get the FindmeFollow CID prefix to display on mobile phones included in the FMFM list. If does show up correctly on extensions. The mobile phone either says, “Unknown Name” or the originally outpulsed CID(name). This is a problem since the person answering the mobile phone MUST know where the call is coming from.

Is there something I am missing, or will this just not work as expected?

Sometimes carriers like Verizon reject what thy classify as invalid caller id. In those cases they will change the caller id to unknown.


I’m confused a bit. Assume prefix assigned in FMFM is “PREFIX”, CallerID(num) is 9995551212. When PBXact dials the local extension, the invite contains
P-Asserted-Identity: “PREFIX 9995551212” sip:[email protected]
But when it dials the mobile, the P-Asserted-Identity is not sent.

So, when I tell FMFM to add a prefix, I assume it is inserting the P-Asserted-Identity, not changing CallerID(name). Apparently most carriers ignore P-Asserted-Identity. I added code to set the From: in invite to

From: “FAFS:17278001068” sip:[email protected];"

but Verizon still ignores it and Just says, “Unknown Name”. I know they pass CallerID(name) because I usually see it on my cell phone. I thought maybe it was the colon or the length, so I tried just sending

From: “FAFS” sip:[email protected]

but still no joy. Does anyone know how to send invite to Verizon that results in CalllerID(name) being displayed?

(Those invite lines have “<” and “>” in proper place, but they are not displayed here.)

Verizon will never pass the CID Name. They take the number you send and look it up in their own LIBDB that they maintain and use the name from that database.

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As @tonyclewis noted, you cannot pass CNAM info (in the US).

You could use the Remote Announce feature of Follow Me to play an audible announcement to the mobile (not heard by the caller) before the call is connected.

Or, you could rewrite the number of the original caller, e.g. From: "FAFS" <sip:[email protected]> or From: "FAFS" <sip:[email protected]> . The mobile user would recognize the call from ‘India’ or ‘Italy’ and know to answer accordingly. However, the number would no longer match a contact stored in the mobile (unless the appropriate fake contact were added).

I called Verizon and asked them if I could just connect a trunk to them, but they said “NO!” Very uncooperative people there. Actually, I talked one of their largest resellers and he didn’t even know who to ask.

Any way, I can make my Android Zoiper an actual extension on the PBX, and that shows the desired CID. And the agents know if they are getting a call on Zoiper or their nromal mobile, so no issue. I’m thinking I use Bria Stretto for this - I love the soft phone provisioning. I tried UPC (v13) and it displays what I want, but the WebRTC phone … ahem … works poorly. I’ll try on 14 once there is a PBXact 13-14 Upgrade path.

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