FindMe issue

Hopefully this makes sense

In our current PBX system we can have a extension ring then it goes to a cell phone after 5 senconds. Then if they answer the cell, they can go back to there office and hit *11 and it grabs that call from there cell phone and places it back on there office extension.

Is there some way of doing that in FreePBX. Even if it is a purchase I really would like it.

If you use FollowMe, you can press ## and enter an your own extension and you’ll be able to answer on your desk phone, or enter a park slot number and retrieve it from there. Once you entered the number press # again.

or ##71# etc.

on the cell phone or on the extension?

On the cellphone of course.

i cannot get this to work?

Please tell us the exact steps you are doing.

it is working now!!!
thanks you are the MAN!!

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