FindMe/FollowMe widget not showing up in UCP

A user needs the FMFM widget in his UCP but I am unable to get it to show up.

I enabled it under his extension. And, viewing the list of extensions, the FM/FM boxes are checked showing it’s enabled on his extension.

The Follow Me module (15.0.35) is installed

I tried deleting his dashboard and recreating a new one.
I’m unable to get the FM/FM widget to show up on anyone’s UCP but user’s that have had it previously it shows up.

What am I missing?

is it not allowed in a user group. I believe a deny will override an allow setting (but I could be wrong)

ashcortech, you are the king! My FreePBX has only one user group. “All Users” and FMFM was set to “no.” I set it to “yes” and now it appears in UCP. Thanks! I am going to make a guess that user group was created when I upgraded from 13 to 15.

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