Findme-Follow me - call Forwarding to cell phone with callerID from callers

I am using FreePBX 16.0.19. and My Trunk set up with SIP with
I have my number XXXXXX-0991 on account XX777X.
I have Extensions set up for Find-me-follow-me on their cell number when calls comes on Extension and nobody pick up the call.
it is working great when I set Account settings->General-> callerID number to Use one of my DIDs on
but if I choose Account settings->General-> callerID number to “I use a system capable of passing its own CallerID” . it stop working because it take from FreePBX XX777X instead of Outbound callerID number.

I have set My Trunk Outbound CallerID is I have set CID Option to Allow Any CID in Trunk.
and in Outbound Routes set Override Extension to No.
My Extensions don’t have outbound callerID .

I am calling into XXXXXX0991 from XXXXXX7081
and reaches to Extension 119 where it follows to XXXXXX5244
on XXXXXX5244 it should be XXXXXX7081 caller ID and not XXXXXX0991.

where to set in freePBX to take callerID to cell phone with follow me option?

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The default value on FMFM will keep the original CallerID. Check a network trace (e.g. sngrep) or by capturing in some other way to see if the provider is not allowing the foreign CallerID.

Even if you can do this, you are likely to get a C attestation for STIR/SHAKEN, and the calls to look like spam to the recipient.

Thank you for replay.
Not familiar with FMFM, can you guide more where in FreePBX this settings are?
I have conform with provider (in my case that they are allowing foregin CallerID.

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I have my cell phone number on Find-Me-Follow-Me. but it is still taking Trunk number and not callee’s number on cell phone. I want to forward callee’s number when FMFM follows cell phone .