Finding Telephony Card Model


Is there a way to find the telephony card model in the machine? Is there a CLI command for that? Would it be written on the card itself? In this case, I’m trying to find out whether I have a Sangoma A102 or A102D card.


Your ‘dmesg’ output should get you pretty close.

wanrouter hwprobe
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@cynjut… Thanks. I’ll give this a try.

@jfinstrom… This is the first thing I tried actually and it’s mostly the cause of my confusion. I am 99% sure I have an A102D (with hwec) but hwprobe says HWEC=0 which, according to sangoma, means there’s no hardware echo cancellation. This is why I need a way to find out whether I actually have an A102D with a faulty HWEC or if I just have the wrong item.

You may wish to open a support ticket:

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