Find numbers from callers who didn't leave a voicemail message

Incoming call for a RingGroup get’s forwarded to a voicemail. The caller hears the voicemail announcement, but decides not to leave a message. How do I find the caller’s number back? Is this stored in the CDR?

Yes - any call that get’s that far into the system and has Caller ID enabled will be in the CDR’s - search the CDR’s with the Ring Group as the destination.

I don’t know what brand phones you are using, on my yealink and grandstream phones the caller ID shows up on every extension in the ring group and if they go to voicemail it shows as a missed call. Then you can just press the missed call to call back.

I can trace the Caller ID up to the voicemail extension. When a caller leaves a message, we receive an email with the voicemail. In the CDR’s I can find the data for the extension as ANSWERED, but every call is answered of course. For the Ring Group I can find the NO ANSWER in the CDR’s.

What I’m looking for is those Caller ID’s who didn’t leave a message.