Find Me Follow Me not showing caller name of internal extension

Current PBX Version:
Current System Version:12.7.8-2012-1.sng7
PRI on Vega Gateway
When internal call is forwarded to cell phone caller ID show the correct extension but not the extension name. How to get the name to show?

You mean when follow me is calling an external phone number?

Some vendors may allow you to push any CID Number, some may mark CID less than 10 digits as spam. I don’t know any provider that allows you manipulating CID names on the fly. But could be there are…

Yes, the internal caller goes to the internal extension and the follow me cell phone number at the same time. Internally I see the calling extension number and name, on the cell phone I see the extension number with a 1 prefix and no name

Some carriers will not pass Caller ID name to the final endpoint. Some receiving carriers will present a name only if they find it in their own internal lookup process. This is not controllable on your end, other than to provide it outgoing. If it is used is entirely up to the other side.

You would be wise to configure your local extensions with a valid PSTN caller ID. Termination providers are getting pickier about CallerID, all the ones I work with will no longer terminate caller ID number of just the extension number.

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