Find Me / Follow Me Issues

I am having an issue with Find Me / Follow Me. One of my users wants his extension to always start ringing another extension after a few rings. I decided that the easiest method for this was to use Find Me / Follow Me. As far as I know things were working as expected for a while. About a month ago he noticed it seemed to never ring the other extension, and someone helped him adjust the time settings for the Initial Ring Time and Ring Time. Today, he complained that now it barely rings his phone at all before it switches to ringing the other extension.

In reviewing the settings, the Initial Ring Time is set to 7 seconds. In practice, I confirmed that this now rings for no more than 3 seconds.

The second issue is that instead of continuing to ring his extension while also ringing the additional extension, after the initial few seconds of ringing his extension, it now switches to ringing at the other extension. The Ring Strategy, however, is set to “ringallv2,” which the inline help says should “ring Extension for duration set in Initial Ring Time, and then, while continuing call to extension, ring Follow-Me List for duration set in Ring Time.”

I confirmed that the same settings had the same result on my extension, so it isn’t isolated to just his extension. Has anyone else seen similar issues? For now I explicitly listed his extension in the Find Me / Follow Me list, and it now at least continues to ring his extension, but the timing is still off, and the overall behavior does not seem to match the expected behavior.

No versions. No logs. Anything anyone would give you would be a wild guess.

Software Versions:
PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-15
Current Asterisk Version: 13.9.1
FreePBX Framework 13.0.167
Core 13.0.106

In doing more testing, however, I have concluded that I misunderstood how ringallv2 was to function. I thought that by default it would continue to ring the initial extension; it appears the performance is that even with this strategy, the initial extension must still be listed in the follow-me list if it is to continue to ring past the initial ring time. I confirmed that, if included in the follow-me list, it does not ring again, but continues to ring (this appears to be the differentiation between “ringall” and “ringallv2”).

The issue with the timing appears to a combination of my counting from the first noise emitted from the phone (there is a slight pause) and not using an actual stopwatch to count the time. If I use a stopwatch from the time the call is initiated, the ring times are correct.

All that to say, both were my issues, not issues with FreePBX.

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I had the same misconception one time … :slight_smile: