Find Me/Follow Me Doesn't Work on Calls from Queue

I’m running FreePBX and I’m trying to get find me/follow me working for calls that originate from a queue. I have it set up on a particular extension and when I dial that extension either by DID or by the extension number, it works fine.

However, if the call is originating from a queue, it will only ring the extension and seems to ignore the find me/follow me settings. Is this possible to do? If so, how?

In the Queue settings change it to call as dialed.

Thanks, that was the first thing I found but that’s how it’s currently set and still it won’t follow me.

There was a thread last week about a difference like this between queues and ring groups. In that thread, someone was trying to get something to work from a ring group that worked from a queue. In essence, when he tried to do whatever it was from the queue, it would work because the queue rang the extension directly, but when he tried to get it to work from the ring group, the FMFM would get in the way and create an extension loop. This sounds like a similar situation.

I’ll look and see if I can find the thread unless someone gets to it first.

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