Filter calls by Destination on monitoring

Hi I’m using elastix and in the PBX php aministartion I’m trying to add a textbox to able to filter it also by the destination Number anyone knows how do it do that.


what, where? Can you be more specific please. Are you trying to do this in the reports? if not where?

ha yes sorry ok in the pbx tab in the monitoring option I want to able to filter the register not only by date bus also by destination number soy the calls from february 26 and to xxxxx number only to see the report as

checkbox date hour dest type etc
02/26 00:00 xxxxx auto-outgoing play,etc
and that every call is to xxxxx

hope its clearer


ok I’m still lost, please realize that there are many distro flavors (elastix, trixbox, piaf, AsteriskNow, etc) and most of those all ahve some have customized options and features that others do not. There is not a PBX tab under FreePBX unless it’s a option that I don’t have installed (and that would only be thee modules I don’t have), but I don’t have a PBX tab.

So are you sure you are the web gui area that is FreePBX? Maybe you are in a part of the elastix version only code?

yeah sorry I checked some more and it appears is only for elastix with the monitoring module or somethign like that.
thanks anyway.