Filestore Module, Dropbox setup

The Dropbox option in the module includes the following settings:
Account Name

A Dropbox app has the following:
App folder name
App key
App secret
Generate access token

I can’t find anything in the Wiki about how to configure the Dropbox option in the Filestore option and I’m not having any success guessing at it. Can anyone who has this working provide some pointers?

Hi @FreerPBXer

In the Dropbox app you need to click on “Generate access token” to generate your access token and you need to paste that token in FreePBX Token field.

Account Name and Description is just a name and description for your reference and can be anything
Path is where you want to save the backup file in your dropbox. You can create a path in your dropbox and give the same here.

For any issues with Generating access token please follow

Also for further details please refer to Filestore module wiki.

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Thank you. I’m sorry I missed the Wiki page for this…I did look.

I’d created a /FreePBX folder at the root of the Dropbox account and entered /FreePBX in the Path in the Filestore module. Nothing was showing up there, but I hadn’t looked again at the root, where I now see that an Apps folder was created by the system. Inside that is a folder named for the custom Dropbox app, and inside that is a FreePBX folder with the backups.

This is a very nice new option for backing up. Thank you.

Page is brand new, it didn’t exist yesterday.

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Hah! I will pass along to my wife who is highly critical of my ability to find anything.

Thanks again!

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Prediction: It won’t help.


And now I’ve spit coffee all over my screen.

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