Filestore Dropbox Backup not working

Hi all,

I was quite happy, when I heard FreePBX can now store backups on dropbox.
Some of my backups use Dropbox and I find it convinient.

First thing I noticed, it works tottally different to other implementations and I’m not quite sure, if it is implemented right.
In other tools I just enter my credentials and the “app” is doing all these token things.

In FreePBX you have to setup an app at dropbox and give it a name.
FreePBX for instance is already taken and FreePBX_backup, too.
This let me think, this is a feature the app developer should implement and not the user.

Secondly, I’m not able to do a backup.
It’s all set and the app is named uniquely.
The app folder is created in my dropbox in the app-path, but is empty.

Has this anybody working?


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