File not written to hard drive!?


We are running FreePBX latest version and im having problems with certain area’s in the endpoint / template manager.

I’ve gone into my templates and changed the Directory URL to something and whenever I click save it says “File not written to hard drive!”

I’ve checked the permissions on the TFTPBOOT directory and they look ok…

drwxrwxrwx 4 asterisk asterisk 12288 Apr 20 18:14 tftpboot

Anyone care to help me ? I dont want to edit them all by hand as next time i rebuild the configs i’ll loose the DirectoryURL


Again. It would be helpful to know the version of FreePBX and Endpoint Manager.

If you have ever placed a file in tftpboot as root and then never changed the permissions then EPM will be unable to write over the file. The ‘File not written’ message is just a return of what the system has told EPM.

try chown -R asterisk /tftpboot

Fantastic thanks very much fixed the problem first time !