File manager module for Freepbx?

Does anyone know of a file manager addon for Freepbx which would allow users to easily upload and download files without having to use SSH ?

There is a TFTP Manager module by Minded but that just appears to show the same file and folder over and over again when I test it here. The idea is really useful though.


Ok I will bite on this one. Why would users be needed to upload and download files outside of the provisions inside FreePBX for recordings and MOH?

I understand sysadmin tasks, but that should not be done by users.

I am looking from an “improve FreePBX” module perspective.

Ahh the users I refer to are admins (each dept has one or more).

For the most part grabbing the files to desktop is easier than searching, for example, in the browser.

But I guess the answer is that no one knows of one. There was a trac entry years back for something similar if I recall.

Yes there was one many years ago but it no longer exists. We’ve thrown around the idea of writing a new one. It may happen in 2.12

Ok, understand admins but what files are they downloading and reviewing?

Great thanks! I’ll remember that one, it would have been much easier.

I found what I wanted in ‘./var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/’ and used 'rm ’ to remove the files I wanted.

Hey I stumbled upon this post in my search for the custom recordings directory or a method of searching the server for the files I want from my SSH client, specifically the custom recordings… A built-in manager would allow me, a non linux-savvy user, to quickly modify files not easily deleted from the interface. Albeit I should know how to do it from the command line and will continue my search as a replay will be too late for my liking. :slight_smile:

cd /

Now you are in root directory

find | grep -i greeting1

finds file that contains text greeting1 (not case sensitive