File does not exsist

Hello All

When I play back (or at least try) to play back a call from the “Call even logging” page, I get a “File does not exsist” error.

It shows the call being there and would in theory allow me to play the call (if it knew wehre it was)

I can play the call back from the CDR reports page though.

We looked at a problem that sounds like this one a couple weeks ago. We found that the URI from the CEL module was pointing to the wrong address.

Take a look at the two URIs and what the differences are.

Hi Thanks for the reply. Can you give me specific instructions please?

Right-click on the “listen” icon and copy the address of the file in both the CDR and CEL windows.


Pretty standard Windows stuff.

So, CDR = Links to http://MYURL//admin/config.php?display=cdr#
CEL = Seems not to show a link


Generally speaking, anything (IIRC) under 15 seconds doesn’t get saved as a call recording, so the ones on the screen make sense. If there is no listen icon, then the file doesn’t exist.

There’s more to that link than you are showing. The individual recording file link is there. If you right click the link, one of the options that comes up is “Copy Link Location”. Copy that and paste it to Notepad.

Have inclided more. All say “file does not exsist” remembering it does play from the other page

Sorry if I’m hijacking the topic. I think I have the same problem.

Did you find a solution already?

I also can’t find the URL in CEL.

The recordings are working in CDR and UCP as expected, but not in CEL.

Is there a log file where I can find errors/warnings of CEL?

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