File dictionary and changes to email layouts

HI chaps

We need to rebrand all the emails that FreePBX sends out to match our corporate branding inline with some new company changes.

Doing it is fine but I’m struggling to find a list of which functions (and subsequently which files they are located in) are responsible for sending out certain emails.

More generally I’d like to read over which files and functions are responsible for certain actions.

Is there a file or data dictionary published for FreePBX that would show this?

Particularly we need to change the voicemail email that is sent out when a user gets a new voicemail, the Welcome email that is sent out when users are created on the system, the update notification email, drive failure warnings…really any email that comes out of Freepbx.

If people can suggest which files/functions are responsible for these (or how I can find out) then perhaps I can knock together a quick wiki page to help others in the future.


Voicemail is done on the Asterisk side; check /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf.