Ffeepbx configuration

Hi all,

I have taken over IT duties from the previous IT guy in my company together with IP system running FreePBX. I have never used this so it’s all new to me. Recently our provider have cut us opff and we got a new provider now who supplied his IP address and DNS for me to configure the system so we can make and receive calls.
Now the question is… what do I do with it? where do I put it, or where do I configure it. I have added his IP to my firewall so that should work but the FreePBX is a mystery for me…
Many thanks for any help

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it should be IP Phone system not IP system… :slight_smile:

You have two choices 1) Go to the wiki and read up on SIP trunks (assuming that’s what you have) 2) Click on paid support and let the pro’s do it for you.

If you don’t even know the technology it’s not just a matter of putting in the IP. You have to know the settings for the trunk including the CODEC it will use to send the voice, how SIP traverses your firewall. What type of authentication and registration your carrier uses.

Our sponsor Schmooze Communications offer a trunking service that integrates seemlessly with FreePBX and configures the trunk for you.

Once you have the trunk working you now to change your inbound and outbound routes.

The basic training for FreePBX and Asterisk is 32 hours and just scratches the surface.

Good luck and welcome to the forum.

SkykingOH thank you for your advise, I did some reeding and tests, exercises and some push ups and managed to get the pbx working…partially…
I’m able to call out from the desk phones with the right number showing on the other side ie.012345ext, but when I call the number back… that’s when it gets complicated. When I call the number back the call gets answered automatically and I get the “fax” tone. I’m able to send the call through to main number to IVR and after the short message and inputting the extension number call my desk phones. But the direct line to the desk phone is still a mystery to me.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

First I gave you advice, advise is a verb, advice is a noun.

Second, you need to do more deep breaths and slow down. Tell us what version FreePBX and Asterisk you have.

Thanks SkykingOH, I could say it was a typo but the truth is English is not my first language so I might make few mistakes here and there :slight_smile:
Anyway, my FreePBX version is FreePBX and Asterisk (Ver. 11.5.0).


Ok, that is very old FreePBX need to address that.

How do the phone lines come in the system.

Go into Asterisk and type these commands:

sip show peers
dahdi show channels
iax2 show peers

and post output…