Fell at the first hurdle

Hi Folks,
New here and to FreePBX so please be gentle.
I´ve installed FreePBX through Virtual Box on my Macbook and the installation went fine. I log in with the root password and I´m told most things should be configured through the GUI and that I should start a web browser.
But how do I start the web browser from the CLI I am staring at? I´ve looked in the Wiki but this step is missing.

Use the web browser on your network and go to the IP of your new PBX.

Sorry but I don´t understand your answer. What web browser on my network? At the moment this is a trial installation on a standalone machine. How do I start the web browser?

You need it on your network than go to any browser such as your labtop on the same network and go to the IP address of the PBX. Their is not web browser on the PBX machine.

Thank you Tony, now I understand. I thought the web browser was on the FreePBX machine.

So I take it that it is not possible to access my installation of FreePBX, which is running in Virtual Box, from the host machine?

The actual virtual machine does not have a browser, but you should be able to access it from the host.

Although it’s not the default, for your application you want to set up Bridged Networking on your virtual machine; see https://www.linuxbabe.com/virtualbox/a-pretty-good-introduction-to-virtualbox-bridged-networking-mode .

Once you have set that up, open a shell prompt on the guest machine and type
You should see its inet addr (assigned by your router) and should be able to access the FreePBX GUI from a browser on the host Mac (or from any other machine on your LAN).

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