FeePBX only ipv6 server

Hi list,
I just installed an only ipv6 server and face problems with node, ajax and iSymphony. The firewall doesn’t start nor allow me to configure it.

Seems that some modules are connecting to command servers with only ipv4 (iSymphony). Also, I’m not able to put my /64 in white list, aso.

Is there a way to have a full ipv6 running freePBX ?

I have set up FreePBX dual-stack with working PJSIP over IPv6 as well as web interface. (apache will listen on IPv6 by default) But I haven’t tried IPv6-only.

The firewall is for IPv4.

I recommend posting your findings at issues.freepbx.org for bug/feature tracking.

On first connection, I was asked by the firewall to add my ipv6 range to the white list but this failed. I think that the firewall is not only ipv4 :wink:

Will open issue, thanks.

Hey, you’re right. I don’t know why I thought that. I just put an IPv6 network in the firewall module and it saved it fine. In what way did it fail for you?

Unfortunately FreePBX typically needs to have both. Many things to work with either but there are things that require IPv4. As of last check system activation was IPv4 only. I know they did a bunch of cloudflare stuff which may have resolved that. Things like the iSymphony module stuff has limited/no development so I wouldn’t hold my breath for that getting up to date. I believe most core functionality works fine it is just a question of add-ons.

I restart the firewall wizard and it finish without any issue. And yes, my ipv6 network was already in the trusted list as added yesterday on initial configuration.

A way to know which service need ipv4 ? I see letschat, redis-server and voipfirewalld not listening in tcp/ipv6. udp/ipv6 seems OK.

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