Feedback voice on Telepon line. How to Fix it?


I’ve problem with my telepon line, when the user call to destination number direct via dahdi (Interlokal).
it have any feedback from users voice ?

how to clear the feedback voice ?

Thanks you :smiley:

Tune your fxo lines for impedance matching (fxotune) , adjust your rx/tx gains and watch dahdi_monitor to verify balance with a decent milliwatt test number, use good hardware, if you don’t have echo cancelling hardware, use oslec.

Thanks for reply before @dicko.

but i dont know to change it. what it on chan_dahdi.conf ?
and i would like to upload my chan_dahdi.conf picture, and help me, what to change on my chan_dahdi.conf.

There is no possible answer for everyone, start with

man fxotune

this is not set in chan_dahdi.conf , it is a lower level tuning.

then search the forums for “milliwatt” you will find it all within. when rxgain/txgain are "balanced for a bidirectional milliwatt signal (perhaps different for each dahdi channel) , your problems will be significantly reduced.

I’ve seen some 2FXO 2FXS analog cards with hardware EC for around 200 dollars.

I had a lot of success with just using FXOTUNE.

Here’s some old notes from my /etc/rc.d/rc.local
Warning. We’re using FreePBX 12.x
This won’t work will all cards or installations.
The whole point of “tuning” is to tune for your individual site.

# Use fxotune -i, then edit /etc/rc.d/rc.local as follows :
# This tunes up the digium/dahdi fxo port/s to improve echo cancellation
# Must be included before amportal. See man fxotune for details

fxotune -s