Feaure Request for BLF for Parked Calls

First of all great job with FreePbx!
I know there are people installing the metermaid patch to get blf functionality of parked calls and its working well. Would it be difficult for you guys to make that feature a standard FreePbx feature. I know if would donate more to get this functionality instead of waiting for Digium to perfect a good working SLA.

Many Thanks

On 1.2 the Metermaid patch already generates the hints (at least on my system it does?) So you need only to subscribe to them. For 1.4 I believe the hint syntax is different and someone on the forum about a week ago indicated interest in doing it. It would be easy to generate the hints. The phones still need to be setup to subscribe to them with BLF enabled speedial keys so they can use the key to pickup the calls.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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