Features we are Considering for 2.9


It’s definitely not critical but ‘nice to have’ feature - I would like to see position up/down arrows for the Dial Patterns on Edit Route page, the same way we have this for Trunk Sequence on the same page. Thanks!

[p_lindheimer] The request is noted, be aware though that the order of patterns in outbound routes is ultimately sorted in ascending order. The order has no affect on functionality. That is very different from dialrules with trunks where the order can make a difference. Is that what you had intended in this request?


The three that stand out to me are:

  • Extension “search” module - would be very useful when large numbers of extensions in use
  • Endpoint Management
  • Providing destinations on extensions for BUSY, NOANSWER and CHANUNAVAIL that can route the call similar to other modules.

[p_lindheimer] Related to the extension search module, I did just updated the Print Extensions module so that all the numbers listed are now links. Not quite the same but related in case you are interested. Concerning the Extension destinations, those have just been added to 2.9 as some work had already started on that prior to this post, just FYIs for now…


I’ll put in one vote for Support for Google Voice Trunks with Asterisk 1.8.

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