I’ve installed FreePBX 2.4 beta2

Since features.conf file shouldn’t been modified manually
and instead of that all modifications must be done from the web gui
there is a question:

where is in web gui can I change blindxfer and atxfer values.

I didn’t find it in Feature Code Admin page …

There is a solution to put this variables into features_featuremap_custom.conf
And for example transferdigittimeout =>5 ; featuredigittimeout = 1500 ;
featuredigittimeout = 1500 into features_general_custom.conf

But what was the reason to change the style and not to bring up to the gui such a necessary variables?


there are still quite a few areas that don’t have gui to make modifications. Its a work in progress and the places that are left tend to be the lower priority areas, where things are setup one and then left. It wasn’t until 2.4 that features.conf was properly setup with a class that could easily accommodate such changes, Same with sip, iax etc - where not it would be easy to create a gui page as part of an existing or new module to be able to make modifications. Some cases would require a new gui are to do some of it. Others could be just inserts into featurecode admin, such as to control what constitutes a transfer, blind transfer, etc. - since it would be relatively easy to address those in the current feature code infrastructure and then have them updated in the related feature code _addtional file. In fact we should probably look at doing that, go file a feature request for that and maybe we can slip it in. (It won’t handle things like featuredigittimeout - but at least we could address probably address the ones that are auto-generated now such as blindxfer, disconnect, automon and attended tranfer (and anything else I may be missing that might be appropriate).