Features.conf seems to be ignored


I’ve a problem with the features.conf and freepbx.
It doesn’t matter what kind of sequence I define in my features.conf. Everytime I press the #-button during a call, Asterisk starts a blind transfer.

Even if I defined ## or * or whatever else for the blind-transfer.

I got pointed out of that because I wanted to implement the attended transfer feature to Asterisk with freepbx and it didn’t work.

Here is my current features.conf:

; Sample Parking configuration
featuredigittimeout = 800

parkext => 70 ; What ext. to dial to park
parkpos => 71-79 ; What extensions to park calls on
context => parkedcalls ; Which context parked calls are in
;parkingtime => 60 ; Number of seconds a call can be parked for (default is 45 seconds)

blindxfer => ## ; Blind Transfer
;disconnect => ** ; Disconnect Call
;automon => *1 ; One Touch Record
;atxfer => #2 ; Attended Xfer

I already trieda lot of debugs like agi-debug and so on but I didn’t find any hints that the standard features.conf is ignored.

Thank you very much for your help!

I had to add

[code:1]#include features.conf[/code:1]

to the extensions.conf file.

Then it works.

Hey dlorimer!

I added the include-part to my extensions.conf but it didn’t change anything :frowning: My features.conf gets still ignored.

Are there more ideas?

Really nobody with any idea? :frowning: