FeatureCodes / DTMF on Inbound Calls not working from internal SoftPhone tSIP

Hi all,

i am trying to use feature codes for attended transfer with the nice softphone tSIP (that i can strongly recommend everybody who dont know it as it is the only free softphone that brings customizable BLF-buttons! andeverything else we need!), but feature codes are not working on inbound calls.

so, if somebody calls our FreePBX and i answer the call with tSIP, every DTMF-Tones generated through tSIP can be heard on the calling remote-party, while they are not interpreted from asterisk (nothing happens on CLI). wether feature-codes with * or # are working.

but, if i do an outbound call from tSIP to a remoteparty, DTMF and feature codes are working correctly!

i tried different settings in freePBX for the extension (inband, RFC, auto, etc.) but nothing worked. i also tried to overried the Dial Command Option with T and t and r, in the extension config but this didn’t help aswell.

does anybody know what else could be tried and, if this is probaply a problem from asterisk/freePBX or from the softphone?

PS: when i am doing an internal call from another extension to the extension that uses tSIP the featurecodes are working, so this problem happens only with calls coming from the trunk!

PS2: i found out some interesting thing: when i am calling from my mobile it is not working again, but when i am doing a call from one extensions via trunk to our public external number (so the call goes out over asterisk to our provider and comes back in again), then DTMF / feature codes are working! weird.

PS3: now i found out, when i do an internal call, DTMF works, if i call from the internal extension our public number, that asterisk recognizes atxfr for *2 but then does not recognize the number to transfer to. again, this is really weird.

new day, new Ideas!

Thanks to Tomasz (tSIP developer), he gave me a good hint to this kind of similar scenario: http://forums.asterisk.org/viewtopic.php?p=192957
…i started thinking about “i am not using a ringgroup, or am i?” …and then i remembered, that the inbound-routing is defined in extensions_custom.conf, and maybe there is a dial-command without t or T that is causing this problem, and indeed, it was! i added tT to the Dial command there and now the featurecode *2 fo attended transfer works like expected!

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