Feature Suggestion - Voice Mail

  1. Allow to creat a voice mail box independent of an extension. This feature is useful when there are agents who only dial in to retrieve their voicemails and not need an extension in an office.

  2. Allow an extension to either have its own private voicemail box or to share a group mail box with other extensions. This feature is useful if an agent has multiple locations and each extension in locations shares the same group VM box so that he is notified immediately at any of the location when a message is left and he can check VM from the extension at any location.

  3. In the IVR, the choice of Core has VM box. Callers will hear greetings of that VM box before hear the recording tone to record a message. Please add a function into core so that callers are place directly into a VM box recording mode immediately bypassing playing the VM greetings. This feature is useful when there is a need to manage multiple appearances yet use one central VM box to receive messages. Multiple appearances are achieved through different “Announcement”. All announcements will point to the same VM box direct recording mode. Simplicity is achieved through one VM Box direct recording mode with multiple announcements placed before it.

  4. Currently, there is no way to dial into a VM box to review already-recorded greetings.

  5. Allow the “password” field to be blank for VM box. So that no password entry is required to login to that VM box. This could be useful if the system is in a residential house.