Feature suggestion - time conditions on extensions

I know it’s been asked before and as far as I know, there hasn’t been a good solution found yet. But could we get a feature added that would allow an extension to set time conditions?

For example I have my extension set to follow me to my cell phone in case I’m out of the office. Works great except that when someone calls at 2AM my cell phone starts ringing and I just want to sleep. I have Do Not Disturb turned on my cell, but when the same number calls back again it overrides the DND. The FreePBX keeps trying to locate me so it cycles and my cell starts ringing.

It would be really nice to be able to set my extension to only forward to my cell until say 10pm so between 10pm and 6AM it would just to go my VM instead or waking me up.

Again, I’ve seen the request for years and some hacks to try and work around the problem, but never a solution.

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+1 Agreed!

In Follow Me, you can put a prefix on your cell number so it uses a ‘special’ Outbound Route, which you set up with a Time Group.


This has the added bonus of putting the VM back on the PBX server where it would belong instead of in your personal voicemail on your cell phone.

You can tie FMFM to a calendar and have it enable/disable automatically according to a schedule.

Dave, If I ignore the call on my cell it always goes back to the FreePBX server’s voice mail anyway since I have Confirm calls turned on. Besides, that’s the only way to know it’s a company call before answering so I can get my professional mode going before I say “howdy” or something stupid I might say if I thought it was a personal call.

I’ll check out the prefix option. Seems like the hard way to do something simple but maybe it will work.

I’ve never used the Calendar with FreePBX. I created a Calendar and Calendar Group just now. I’m a bit fuzzy on the difference between the two so I set them both up.

I then added an event to the Calendar starting at 7AM and ending at 9pm, and made it recur forever. This seemed to be a better option than setting up DND hours because I could keep it all on one day instead of spanning over two dates.

I then went to Follow-Me and Selected my newly created CalendarGroup. I had to also select the Calendar Match Inverse button otherwise it wasn’t doing the transfer. I’ll have to wait and test the night mode after 9pm.

This looks a lot cleaner than the prefix/Time Group option. That’s another area that’s always seemed pretty fuzzy to me (Time Groups vs Time Conditions). The calendar method seems to be the better route. In fact, I’d guess that Time Groups/Time Conditions might one day go away and it would all be in the calendar. To me that makes a lot more sense. Anyway, I’m set up and will test in the evening.


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