Feature suggestion Queues improvement

I would like to be able to route a call to a queue and have the option for the caller to initially here ringing for a preset amount of time prior to the call being answered and processed in exactly the same way that it is at the moment. the phones of the agents should ring in the same way as they do at the moment, just that the call will not be answered until either an agent answers it or the “initial ring timer” has expired and the system answers it. I can see that it may be possible to achieve this at the moment by routing the call to one queue that plays ringing tone instead music and then timing out and going to an other queue that plays a join message then music along with all the other options, but this would require that the agents log into both queues and thats not practical.

I think that the caller would expect to hear a certain amount of ringing before their call is answered with a join message and then being queued.


caller rings in
hears ringing tone
the logged in agents phones ring in the way defined in the queue.
no free agents after say 30 seconds, caller is greeted with a"sorry all our agents are busy …" , followed by caller hearing music and announcements as defined in the queue and the agents phones continue to be rung in the way defined in the queue.

Perhaps I am missing something and this is possible, please tell me if it is???


i work with several service companies that have after hours emergency service. I would be nice to have numeric a pager notification. Email pager notification will not work in my cases.