Feature Sheet


Is there a feature chart for Freepbx? I’ve installed and configured Asterisk and Freepbx, now I have to deliver it to the customer giving them a chart with the most common features:

  • how to transfer a call (directly)
  • how to transfer a call (attended)
  • how to park a call
  • how to put a call on hold
  • how to check the voice mail

Is there such a feature sheet/chart? How to gather this information, otherwise… reading the .conf files ???

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I forgot to specify: I don’t only need a list of features. What I need are the key codes to activate them (es. ## for call transfer, *70 for call parking…)

Look at the Feature Code Admin
copy and paste
print it out

What I do is copy and paste the text from the feature code page to the home page of FreePBX so that everyone can see without having to log into FreePBX.

It would be cool if that page could be linked to the actual feature code page to dynamically update feature code changes. Probably not hard to do but I’m not very motivated for that sort of stuff.

not quite what you are looking for - but if you grap the svn/trunk version of ARI, the I changed the help module so that it lists the feature codes out of the featurecode database instead of the old hardcoded stuff which was dated and wrong and did not accomodate re-definition of feature codes done on the feature code page.

Thanks p,

That works for me as well.