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It’s been a while now and I believe there are some posts about how Zulu does not retrieve or display chatrooms in the mobile apps. I was curious to know if this capability is coming down the pipe in the near future?

Additionally, is there a place to request new features? I know you can submit a help request in Sangoma’s portal for it, but then that uses up support credits and does not really broadcast to the public that a feature you request may be something others would like as well.

I’m also curious to know if there is a roadmap somewhere that points out things that are being developed and things that are planned?

I truly like Zulu UC and can get by with its current capabilities, but would love to see it get expanded so that our users can embrace the product more.


From what others are starting to say and hear Zulu is being End of Life. I do not think it’s getting much work or love anymore.

Wow, I hadn’t heard that, I thought Zulu was the new hotness and would be around for a bit. I’ve been planning a few migrations to FreePBX / PBXact and Zulu was one of the important pivotal features for my clients. :frowning:

Does anyone have any evidence of Zulu no longer being actively improved?

Let’s not start rumors. @BlazeStudios, can you confirm. In the middle of deploying this and it wouldn’t make sense for me to roll it out if it’s coming to end of life.

I have no idea why you are asking me. I am not a Sangoma employee. You should probably ask Sangoma.

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Sorry BlazeStudios, i mentioned Tom Ray and it came up your name and didn’t even think but to just hit enter. There is a staff by the name of Tom Ray and I thought I ran into a post with him responding on for community before. My mistake.

Zulu is not EOL.

Sangoma is committed to providing users with a soft client on both mobile and desktop platforms. Zulu desktop is here to stay, and will continue to get feature improvements. We are currently testing internally for a mobile client to replace Zulu mobile which will be available for all Zulu customers. Watch for an announcement in the coming weeks for more details.


That’s great news that Desktop is actively being worked on and improved. I assume mobile won’t be part of Zulu or integrate with Zulu chat and what not but a stand alone application instead?

May I suggest Groundwire? OK, I just did.

I actually just installed Groundwire and I love it so far. It even gives me BLF features that I love.

There is a lot of work being done on Zulu in general.
Sangoma has completely re-envisioned its go to cloud strategy with a unified approach to everything we do going forward. As part of that strategy Zulu UC plays an important role both on Desktop and Mobile. So no matter what anyone else says, Zulu is here to stay for both Desktop and mobile and any features we build, as part of the overall strategy, must work for both Desktop and mobile. Stay tuned as more information is coming very soon.

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