Feature -- resolving numbers to contact names?


I have a working freepbx setup… thanks to this community…

i have setup
-custom extensions
-contacts manager with speedial
-regular extensions

i want to know
-is it possible that in sngrep/asterisk logs/ CDR i can get names instead of the extensions or feature codes…

  • also any option of connecting freepbx with truecaller service or something similar so that the names can be resolved on the fly

i have already enabled CID lookup for internal database

CallerID Superfecta exists to look up caller names for incoming caller id number from various sources.

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i have tried that…
but there is nothing in context to Indian telecom
Here third party truecaller app is mostly used for CID - it is a crowd sourced CID…

Does truecaller publish an API or otherwise allow name lookups based on callerid number?

Do they have a business model for use with PABXes? The apps seem to be advert funded, with an average of less than 1 lookup per day per user, and even the paid subscription is intended for quite low numbers of lookups.

truecaller is a privacy infringement app…widely popular in India.
Almost every android handset has this installed…
It copies the entire phonebook of the handset, and references all incoming calls based on the database it has created and displays the name of the unknown caller.
i suspect around 500 million+ phones have truecaller installed in india.
it has a business model but very sketchy…no API only SDK
and CID lookup is more than 30 per phone per day…
i also have it installed on my android… and i receive around 30-40 calls per day and almost 99% of the callers are recognised and names displayed.

Their Google Play store entry claims they don’t download the local phone book. If you have proof to the contrary, you should inform Google. The rate for the advertising version was calculated from Wikipedia’s total users and monthly lookups figures. I remember seeing 30 per day in connection with paid access, and I read it as up to 30 a day, but it could have been removing a 30 day limit on the advertising version.

I do find the list of data it accesses as worryingly large. I’m not sure if you really meant “infringement”, although that was my concern from their privacy statement.

as per their website

Privacy is a core value at Truecaller. Our search feature displays names against telephone numbers and your profile details are private by default. This way, your identity remains private. To ensure optimum privacy, we allow restricted attempts of such searches per day to avoid misuse of your information.

Additionally, we do not collect any address book data without user consent. We process any personal information only in accordance with our applicable privacy policy. Our services are intended for and can only be availed by users who confirm their eligibility to avail them upon their review of the applicable terms of services and privacy policy.

all incoming calls are referenced…on demand number search may be restricted to fixed numbers.
also at the time of installation all kinds of permissions are requested - call logs, contacts, telephone (these three are must of it to function), location, microphone, sms, storage, camera

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