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Feature requests


It would be pretty cool if there was a module admin update. Like I could choose multiple PBXs and send the command to check and update all modules.

Another cool feature would be groupings. So if I have different SLAs based on customer I could drop them in different “buckets”

And lastly, alert thresholds and online/offline status. So if my node goes down it fires off an email alert. Likewise I could set alerts if a trunk goes down or is showing extremely high utilization by a number a calls I set.

(Moises Silva) #2

@Altocloud1 Thanks for the feedback!

We’re definitely looking into some of those ‘management’ features aside from monitoring and your feedback will help us greatly to decide which direction to take.

Threshold customization is quite fair and something I agree wholeheartedly that is needed. I can’t comment specifically on new features, but we’ll keep you informed of new updates and features as they come along.

Thanks again for the feedback!

(Tony Lewis) #3

All feature request should be just like all other FreePBX products. Opened at under RMS project

(Preston McNair) #4

We made a video outlining the process of open Feature Request, useful if you have never opened one.


That makes sense but I was following the Wiki where it says we welcome suggestions with a link to this forum.

(Preston McNair) #6

@Altocloud1 yes the forums are a great place for suggestions and conversations about products, but to ensure your ideas get in front of product management and development teams I would always follow up with an official feature request.

(Dave Burgess) #7

So, to support the original purpose of the question:

Module Admin could stand a few updates. The capability to link several servers to a single ModAdmin would be cool; as would the ability to link multiple installations from a single interface.

On the “groupings” thing - I’m not sure how you would group the modules since they modules are already grouped pretty logically.

As far as connecting it through RMS - I’m not sure I see the value in that.

Once you really know what you want to suggest, let us know and we can shoot holes in it. :slight_smile: I don’t know about the young whipper-snappers, but I’m pretty intransigent. I’m pretty happy with the system set up the way it is.


Hope this is the correct area to request a feature, or instructions on how to enable…

An eMail alert when ever my PBX goes down, and an eMail alert when any of the trunks go down. Sometimes I am not in the office, or it is not a day we are calling out much, it has gone unnoticed that the trunk went down for what ever reason, thus clients could not call it. Any way to monitor this?

(Moises Silva) #9

Hi Gregory, yeah, RMS should alert you from both those things right away out of the box. Did you try installing the RMS module already in your PBX?


Yes, have it installed, but did not get a notification when my trunk went down.


What type of trunks are you using that there was no notification?

If SIP … Registered or Not?


Here is the setup for the trunk:

Not 100% sure if registared or not. Yes SIP


How is authenticating you? Do u have a username and password you have to input on the register entry at the bottom of your trunk setup??

Are they doing ip authentication of your static IP address possibly??

(Moises Silva) #14

At the moment we only detect SIP trunks down if your register with the provider.

You can execute ‘sip show registry’ from the Asterisk command line to list registrations with providers (assuming here you’re using chan_sip, don’t know with pjsip top off my head what the command is).


I authenticate with userID and password…

Here is the sip trunk registry:
Host dnsmgr Username Refresh State Reg.Time Y P2569465875 105 Registered Thu, 16 Mar 2017 09:39:52 Y 107093_Main 105 Registered Thu, 16 Mar 2017 09:39:52
2 SIP registrations.

Seems the trunk went down a little while ago, and I got nothing from FreePBX about the outage. I did get an eMail from my VoIP provider tho telling me a call did not go through.


@msilva can you assist with please? I am assuming that if the trunk registration is required that it should work. Is this correct?

(Joao Mesquita) #17

I opened an issue in our bug tracking system regarding this. It will be addressed very soon. Thank you for reporting it!