Feature Request: Time-lapse Extenstion recordings (monitoring)

hi everyone

we build asterisk appliances using freepbx as the gui with great success over 3 years now.

in the last couple of month we see great demand for flash based appliances (SSD or DOM) but they are limited to 4-8-16 gigs and when installed in an highly densed offices they offer very small space left for recordings to be kept. sometimes just a few days.

even if we use mp3 files (8Khz 8bit mono) it is just a matter of few days for the system to crash becuase of no more space left on the hard drives. this really bugs us. i just couldn’t find a bash script to delete the oldest files and make the system like a security digial video recorder so the oldest recordings get deleted and new recordings fill that space (FIFO)

i’m thinking of a feature where we can decide how much space we want to reserve for recordings (or how much free space we want to make sure if left on the drive) and once we get to that size it will automatocly delete the oldest files and keep space for new recordings.

this could be placed under general settings -> call recording and the system can run this script on the cron.daily at 4am in the morning.

while posting a feature request in the forum will get everybody to talk about it (yes it is something that is needed even in bigger disk based systems) to get it on the development list as a possibility you really need to post this someplace else. Where you say, in the bug tracker, you can get there by scrolling to the bottom of almost any web page and look for the development column (center one) and select bug/feature request. When filling it out please make sure that you change the drop down from bug to feature request.