[Feature Request] Show pending changes to PBX when about to apply them

I’ve always thought it was a bit weird that FreePBX only shows you that changes are going to be made, not what they are.

I think it would be useful to have a button next to the “Apply” button (or something with better UX design) that allows us to see the changes that are about to be made before we submit them. This is especially useful when working on a PBX that other admins have access to (I work for an MSP), and would prevent me from accidentally applying detrimental changes.

I know that it’s possible to copy and diff the /etc/asterisk folder or something akin to that, but it seems really useful to have the ability to revert individual changes that may have been made in error, or mass cancel an update if the customer says, “actually I don’t want it to do that”.


brilliant idea!!!

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Did a ticket get submitted on this?

There are probably others, but this one came up in my 4 second search:

I’d find this very useful too, because I find it very strange that often when I log into the PBX (like today) the “apply config” button is red, and I know I didn’t make any changes that weren’t saved last time. Should I be worried?