Feature Request - Pick the transport in EPM or even better, when set on the Extension

It would be fine in the Template to pick the transport - It would be even better to have it read the extension and generate the proper .cfg automatically. Yes, you can do it for now via Basefile Edit but that means it is forced for all of that brand/type - wouldn’t it be better to have it read the extension and generate the .cfg based on that?

If you set the transport of the extension on the advanced tab, then EPM must be generating the correct config for TLS signaling, otherwise the device won’t register. Are you provisioning devices that don’t do that?

No, it doesn’t - I went into the phones and switched the transport manually which allowed them to register - then I looked at where the setting was in the Basefiles and edited that so that they would provision in the future.

There is no setting in EPM that let’s you pick/push the transport type - and their really should be.

Polycom’s default is DNSaptr - whatever it is, it doesn’t work to detect TCP when you switch - you have to put it in manually. I have not tried with other phones, but (much as I hate Polycom) I think it’s probably the same with other brands.

Open an EPM support ticket then and identify the specific models you have the issue with. I use TLS with pretty much every phone model I set up these days, I would consider that basic config.

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