Feature Request : No Answer Call Transfer

Hello all !

As I posted on the Trixbox forum :

I had to stop users of my TB from blind-transfering calls among them.
After 60secs (at best) of rings in destination extension, if the call isn’t answered, the calling party gets kicked from the PBX.

Is there a way to get the calling party BACK to the extention that tried to transfer after time-out ?
Or even to a fixed destination ? (like a queue, ring group or or a certain ext)

It’s too rude to hang-up on a callee just because the intended recepient failed to answer the rings in 60 secs… …at the very least it should ring forever.[/quote]

I guess this is called “No Answer Call Transfer” and it CAN be built in FreePBX because Asterisk support it.
I wonder if the developers can consider this feature on a future release.

A lot of people (including me) kind of hate voice mail.


Well In going over the new GUI I see a new parking lot module

It looks to address this


Also, extending the maximum 60 seconds to allow an extension to answer, would help.