Feature Request for Outbond Trunk


I am looking for a feature called assume answer. (After like 20 seconds) on outgoing trunks. (For a T1) this is based on a problem that I posted in the user area. (Content of post bellow)

I do not get reliable answer supervision, so I would like to set it up to assume that the phone system is ringing and pass it through. If that makes sense.

If this feature makes sense that I am willing to consider paying for it, as long as it is not to0 expensive. I would want it be added to freepbx as a GPL type feature. If not I could also contribute either time or money to the project as a donation.


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Answer/ Call Supervision Problem E&M Wink T1

I have a problem with the phone company and answer supervision.

The zapata.conf and zaptel.conf sections that I “hope” are appropiate will be included below

The phone company “Northwest Tel” is providing a T1 with AMI, D4 E&M Wink on a DMS10 (Canadian Phone Company)

We have gone through and reconfigured the T1 several times, I have spent a week going through different settings with them

The phone company provides answer supervision/ Disconnect Supervision only on calls that go through successfully

So I have the following working/ not working. (Please take into account that their is a satelite link for the phone company which can introduce a delay of upto 8 to 12 seconds in the call connection establishment although normally it seems to be quicker than that)

  1. Dial Out local call. (Works and everything seems fine)

  2. Dial Out local call, far end is busy (I use busydetect to catch this and it seems
    to work although they get one ring before they get a busy tone

  3. Dial Out to a destination where the number is not in service (Localy) (The phone just rings and rings, if you try it from a non t1 line, you get “the this number not in service” message)

  4. Dial Out long distance to a number that is in service (It answers but you loose the begining of the call (ie Hello Hello Hello – Answer)

I need to fix 3 and 4 and improve on 2. I am looking for suggestions. It has been recommended that I consider setting it up for. “Assume Answer”

If I do assume answer, the idea would be that after a second or two, I get asterisk to connect me to the out going line and let me listen to what is their, so that I get the messages etc. (ie assume no answer supervision, on the phone companies part)

I have tried em/em wink/ featb/ featd/ featdmf

Freepbx 2.1.3




;progzone=us (I have tried the US to)


group = 0