Feature Request:Disable Extensions

Disable extensions just like one is able to temporarily disable trunks.

Thank you

The proper place to request a new feature is under Development Site on the left hand side, select Report Bug. Then in the Type field select Feature Request instead of Bug.

Just putting it here in the forums is a great way to get a discussion going but when developers go to see what people are looking for they don’t go look in the forums as everybody writes requests differently and it’s almost impossible to find them.

When they are entered into the tracking system they are kept, reviewed and tracked until complete, closed out, etc…

You will also find that you will need to provide a bit more information, etc or the first thing that will happen is a request for more details. So include proposed operation, reasoning, etc…

Thanks. I didnt want to bother becuase it seems most of the time it is just me overlooking something that is already there in plain sight to everyone else. :slight_smile:

Ah, So that is the good part of asking in the forum, you can possibly get a answer like yes it exists here… but in this case that option does not exist, but I can see a use for it.

I guess it’s more of what do you want it to do by becoming disabled.

Is the extension number and info kept but the system acts like it is not there? (you are firing a employee and will replace in a week so want to keep the same number, etc and disable it until then).

Just the phone does not work and it goes to voicemail? (a change to the phones secret will do that and be out of the users control, or setup server side DND).

much like for disabling trunks, mainly for testing, but I suppose your point about firing people is good…

I use a custom context that will not allow external calls.

Put the extension in this context.

In a way that is “disabling” the extension voicemail & internal calls, etc still work.

What extactly do you put in where? thanks