Feature request: CID-prefix for incoming routes, which does not disappear when name in phonebook

(R. Stindl) #1

It would be nice to have a CID-prefix for certain incoming routes (e.g. "SHOP: " or "ext14: "). Currently it works nicely as long as the name isn’t in the phonebook (contact manager). Once it’s in the contact manager, my phones (D65&D80) just show the name of the caller without the CID-prefix.
Is there a fix for that or a workaround? If not, can this be accomplished somehow in future versions of freePBX?


(Jared Busch) #2

There may be some setting hiding in some brand of phone with this feature, but I have never been asked to find one that does it.

Local is always an override for system.

(R. Stindl) #3

I know that ring groups are not commonly used with freePBX, but if you have a ring group with several phones attached…you want to know, if the missed call listed on your phone came in the ring group route or the single extension route.
If the caller dialed the extension number, he expects you to call him back…
The Sangoma/Digium D-series phones dont show you the DID, so a CID-prefix in front of the CID would be very useful…and it shouldn’t go away especially when somebody called, who is listed in the phonebook :wink:

e.g. if a friend dialed the company number + ext135
the CID (including the prefix from the incoming route) should be “ext135: Edward Snowden”

(Jared Busch) #4

I think you would be wrong there.

(R. Stindl) #5

ok…but how do you solve the problem? If no DID is displayed on the phone, how does someone know that the caller dialed the extension number and not the number for the ring group?

(Jared Busch) #6

Don’t use a phone book local to the device. Then the device cannot override what you are sending from the PBX.

As I said, I have never once had this even asked if it was possible to override the local address book.

Yealink have a remote address book that can or cannot be used as an option. But nothing I know of will get around a local contact.

(R. Stindl) #7

Ok, thanks…makes sense…still, I don’t understand how somebody does not want to distinguish calls to his extension from calls to ring groups :wink:

(R. Stindl) #8

So, it seems…an enduring CID-prefix cannot be achieved with a contact in the phone’s phonebook.
There are only two workarounds:

  1. deactivate the phonebook and use CID-Superfecta and Outbound CNAM module for name lookup.
  2. deactivate the phonebook for incoming calls only and use CID-Superfecta

ad 1. this is not good enough, since it only shows you the name of the outgoing call, when the callee picks up
ad 2. this would be the ideal solution, but the Sangoma/Digium phones do not support it

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