Feature request: CID number prefix

I have a trixbox system setup with Polycom Phones (Soundpoint 650’s). The system is configured for “dial-9” for outside calls. When a user misses a call the caller id of the caller is stored in the missed call directory. Here is the problem, outside calls do not have a prefix of 9 on the caller id so when someone hits the “dial” button it does not select an outgoing line to call back.

Is there an easy way of having all the incoming caller id phone numbers prefixed with a 91?

Just to clear things up a little, I know about the “CID name prefix” setting in the incoming routes, however I need an similar function for the incoming CID number.

For example:

sip:[email protected]

should be translated to:

sip:[email protected]

so that when the user hits “dial” it will connect to the original caller.

I have made the changes to do this in the extensions_additional.conf but every time FreePBX re-writes this file my changes get overwritten.


exten => DID#n,Set(CALLERID(number)=${RGPREFIX}${CALLERID(number)})


how about not requiring 9 to dial an outside line? (you can both allow it and not allow it to allow a transition to the users). Otherwise, just setup the context of your incoming trunk to add the prefix for you, and then send it on to from-pstn.

Our setup does not lend itself to no 9 dialing. In terms of changing the context of the incoming trunk, this sounds like a good idea, however won’t FreePBX overwrite this each time I do an update also? Is there a safe place to make the change?

Our users just do this on their Polycom 501 telephones:
Call Lists
Missed Calls
(scroll to the number you desire to call back)
Press “soft key” labeled Edit
hit “9”, “1”, “Dial”

put the context in extensions_custom.conf and it is fine.

There is a better justification for such a feature, and that is to prefix with COUNTRY CODE.

FOr instance , I have a number from Mexico, and another from USA. When I receive a call from 8182222222 I do not know if the call is from Los Angeles or from Monterrey. If I want to call back either , I need to manually dial the number, which shoudl not be necessary. I want a number prefix on an inbound route! Since I use e164 dialing for outbound calls , I would prefix either 52 for mexico inbounds or 1 for USA inbounds.