Feature request: cell phone notification

bobh has written a cell phone notification script that has to be manually loaded into the config files. It would be nice if this could be added into the existing voicemail module as a feature within the voicemail. I would be willing to donate to this and I’m sure others would as well. This is a common feature in most new key phone systems, lets make a standard easy to use feature in freepbx.

What do you mean by cell phone notification? There are a couple of ways you can make this happen with freepbx.


This made me laugh out loud :smiley:
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wow your funny. If your in the telecom business its very clear. Callers leaves you a voicemail the system calls your cell phone and plays your new messages. And what I’m saying is it would be a nice feature to be integrated into the voicemial module.


As you’re probably aware, you may have FreePbx send an Text Message to the phone upon the receipt of VM. I think this is a much better approach than calling the phone and playing the VM.

The follow me works well too in that it sends the call directly to the phone.

So I guess my question was poorly stated. I should have asked “What method of notification do you require?” in that FreePbx already does an excellent job of relaying email receipt via text message.


voice mail in e-mail is also a excellent way to do this, assuming you have a decent phone that can do e-mail. It then gives me the option of playing it now or later when I have the time.

it’s for an emergency mailbox for 2 rotating on call technician at a doctors office. It has to be done with a cell phone so it can be changed on the fly. With the text message you have to access freepbx to change. With the script I was referring to you can dial in remotely into the on call mailbox and change the cell phone number on the fly. This also allows the caller to leave a detailed message of their emergency.


With those ground rules you’ve changed the game completely. When you make a request, you need to describe the desired result completely and precisely.


I know it’s not what you’ve requested, but have you considered having the calls simply go to the call tech’s cellphone direct ?
If they’re rotating, you could use the Day/Night toggle to switch between the two techs, with the Day number terminating to Tech 1 cellphone, and Night to Tech 2.
Set up a Misc Destination, and point a DID at it, and they divert the calls on the fly by dialling in and pressing *280 (or whatever the toggle code is). Handy for when one of them does a double shift, etc.

Hi Bill I’m new to the world of asterisk and freepbx and I was wondering if you might be able to point me in the right direction. I have tried different ways to notify my cell phone of a voicemail meassage with no luck and was wondering if there was any specific docs you might know of?thanks

If you want to change notification cell phone numbers on the fly without using the FreePBX gui, set up a day/night toggle, say *280. Then setup a custom extension 280. Add the following code to extension_custom.conf:

;This block of code allows you to change the number that the night line uses
;Put it in the from-internal-custom.
;You will need to set up a Misc Destination in FreePBX for each Day/Night
;toggle that you use. Then point the night portion of the Day/Night switch
;to that Misc Destination. In my case, since the Day/Night switches are
;*280 through *289, I created Misc Destinations 280 through 289.
;If you dial *280 then a 10-digit number, it will write a database key called
;"DAYNIGHT/N0 and enter the 10 digit number in it. That is what the first block
;code does.
;The second block of code is processed when the night mode of a particular
;Day/Night switch is set to the appropriate Misc Destination. If you set the
;night destination of Day/Night *280 to extension 280, the second block of code
;is executed. If you need steering digits, set the second line, “prefixd” to
;your prefix.
;This will allow your customer to set the cell phone number that night
;calls go to without giving them access to the Web Interface.

exten => _*28XNXXNXXXXXX,1,noop(Sets the day night phone number)
exten => _*28XNXXNXXXXXX,n,Set(index=${EXTEN:3:1})
exten => _*28XNXXNXXXXXX,n,Set(DB(DAYNIGHT/N${index})=${EXTEN:4})
exten => _*28XNXXNXXXXXX,n,Flite(You have set night number ${index} to )
exten => _*28XNXXNXXXXXX,n,saydigits(${DB(DAYNIGHT/N${index})})
exten => _*28XNXXNXXXXXX,n,Flite(You should dial star 2 8 ${index} to activate the night ring.)
exten => _*28XNXXNXXXXXX,n,hangup()

exten => _28X,1,Set(index=${EXTEN:2})
exten => _28X,n,Set(prefixd=91)
exten => _28X,n,Set(dialnumb=${prefixd}${DB(DAYNIGHT/N${index}))
exten => _28X,n,goto(from-internal,${dialnumb},1)
exten => _28X,n,hangup()

;Modify line 4 above to go direct to voicemail. Change NOMESSAGE to either BUSY or UNAVAIL if needed
exten => _28X,n,Macro(vm,${dialnumb},NOMESSAGE)

Now you can dial in to a DISA, dial *280NXXNXXXXXX and change the phone number that the machine is sending your night calls to.