Feature Request - Ability to call a contact from UCP

Maybe I’m not seeing how to do this, but it seems like it’s not currently possible.

It would be nice to be able to directly dial a phone number of a contact from the UCP. Preferably by clicking the phone number, having the extension of the user ring and then dial the number of the contact.

This will be coming soon. We just got last week contact manager into UCP so working on a few features and bugs in it still.

Great to hear!

I recently rebuilt my PBX using the FreePBX Distro (I was on AsteriskNOW) and have been very happy with it. You guys have done a great job!

If you use google chrome, you can use a plugin that will do it for you



This is now live in the latest update of Contact Manager and UCP. You can click to call any contact and if using SIPStation you can also send SMS to any contact with a click

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Just trying out the new UCP features now. I can see that the phone numbers under contacts are links, but when I click on one I get a notice saying “There are no actions for this type”. Does the click to call feature require some additional config or is it dependant on other modules being installed?

I updated my contact manager module. I can click the number and a SMS or chat window opens but I’m unable to call the number by clicking on it.

Can this also receive SMS from cell phones? Does it go to email?

Is the click to dial now working in UCP? I have an end user that would like this feature?


Can anyone recommend a Google Chrome plugin so that click to dial is enabled from within FreePBX UCP?

You don’t need this. Enable “originate” for each user.

Thanks for the reply. I had to enable WebRTC before I got the originate option.