Feature request: 911 recording in Extensions?


I was wondering if the extensions section could have a 911 recording function.
What this would do is as follows:

  • have a toggle to turn on or off e911 calling.
  • have a toggle to pre-record address information. (eg: name, address, apartment number, city, state, zip code, phone number, GPS coordinates if available, etc.)
  • if e911 recording is on, and no recording is available, no calls can be placed from that extension until the person records his e911 location information.
  • optional: convert from speech to text to provide the 911 database with the information.
  • allow to enter a 911 Sip trunk alternative number which would route the call to the correct city’s 911 call center. If blank, use default route.
  • add 119 to reprogram the 911 address information recording.
  • when someone at the extension calls 911, a recording would say patching you to 911 emergency services… while this is being played, when a 911 agent picks up the call, they would get a press one to get address information and talk to the person. When the 911 agent presses 1, the address recording is played with the option to repeat Press 1 to repeat, press 2 to talk to person. When agent presses 2, the call is connected to the 911 caller.

Does this seem like a reasonable request to add to FreePBX?

Anyone else consider this a potential e911 aide in providing correct 911 address information?