Feature/correction request, Conference module

Hello, clever people.

When making Conference configuration (in the relevant page), if you try to set “User menu” to “No”, and “Quiet at join” to “Yes” - you can’t save your changes unless you define PIN number for administrator.
That makes sense, because it seems that without an Admin present (to allow people to talk) - this conference will be very quiet…

BUT, in my case - I need this setting. I’m using 2 different DIDs to log into the same conference. One is normally logging people into it (user mode), and for the other - I made a 3-line customized dialplan (custom context) coming from another DID, and going into the conference as an Admin.

What I benefit from it - is saving the need for PIN prompts. Just dial up and you’re in.

So in my case - I have no option to let the admin to control the silence of others (it’s a teacher and young students, alternative-school for these Covid days…).

I looked now in the Advanced options, hoped to find an option to turn off this alert and let me save the conference, but it not there (yet…).

Any help/update would be appreciated.

I like easy DGMW but that might be too easy and open you up to conference squatters, unless you are locking it internally ASAP after joining.

Anyhow, I think you might need to extend your customized dialplan to include appropriate CONFBRIDGE() function configuration that effectively replace the use of “User menu” and “Quiet at join” buttons in the GUI.

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