Feature codes

I ma having trouble getting my feature codes to work. I can make calls and I can receive calls but if I try to do an in call attended transfer the only thing that happens is the caller hears the tones. If I am not in a call and I try to use *77 to save a recording I get anonymous call rejection service has been activated. I have been at this for about a month and I am about to pull my hair out. Any help would be geatly appreciated.

One possibility would be the dial plan in the phone, another could be improper DTMF settings on the phone, the extension setup, or both.

I am using regular hardware phones and one digium d40. Is there documentation anywhere on how to set these things. I have looked into all of these things that you mentioned and I am getting nowhere fast. Thanks for any help in advance.

My dial plan is set to tTrWw and my DTMF setting is RFC2833 as is usually the case. So that only leaves the extension setup and I set them up according to a working PBX that was already here, so I am now out of ideas.