Feature Codes only working for Inbound calls (fxo/fxs setup)

I have a new setup with fxo pstn and a couple of fxs analog extensions. Everything is working so far except I can’t get feature codes working with outbound calls I initiate from the extensions. If I receive an inbound call from the fxo pstn via a inbound route to the fxs analog phone the feature codes work fine. I am sure I am missing something in the configuration but I have spent hours searching and cannot find a solution. Any help really appreciated.


I found the solution. I needed to set the DAHDI trunk “Asterisk Trunk Dial Options” to “T” . I previously came across this information but was not looking for it in the right place. Hopefully this thread may help someone else that encounters the same issue.

I am using elastrix 2.5.0 and I made the change in PBX->Trunks->->Asterisk Trunk Dial Options . Check override and insert “T”