Feature codes not working?

I’m using FreePBX Distro I cannot seem to get the feature codes to work correctly. I’m using Aastra 9143i phones.

What touched this all off was my previous inability to press ## and get any response from Asterisk. I was trying to get my call parking working, and I was told (some weeks ago) to use the Sprecode feature of the phone. That is when I discovered that the tag that Endpoint manager was sending for sprecodes was incorrect. The template got updated, the parking lot started working via sprecode (but not by pressing ##), and I moved on.

Well, I would like to be able to record calls by keying *1 on the phone. I am able to do ONE and only ONE on-demand recording after a system reboot, but then I cannot subsequently record any calls via on-demand. I can set incoming our outgoing to “Always” and then it records for me every single time, but I’d like to be able to do the *1.

I found this thread:

And made sure I had “wW” added to “Dial command options” (it is now “trwW”) and “W” added to “Outbound dial command options” (it is now “W”).

I tried adding featuredigittimeout=3000 to features_general_custom.conf.

I made sure my DTMF was set to “via RTP (RFC2833)” (it was).

I added the following to my phone’s dial plan via Endpoint manager:

So it was:

Nothing has seemed to help.

One of the tests I’m trying is just to press ** during a call, which according to the feature codes should disconnect the call. But the *'s are apparently transmitted to the other side instead of being intercepted by Asterisk, because the party I’m calling can the tones.

Any ideas?

I hope I’ve provided enough information. Please let me know if there is anything else which would be helpful.

Wait, before anyone goes too far, apparently there is a bug where the recordings are made but don’t display in the portal:


I’ll do some more reading. LOL, I always fine something right after I post.

On demand call recording does not work properly in Asterisk.

I read somewhere that the FreePBX team has written their own code to handle this in 2.10, but no nothing more on the subject other than that it simply does not work - I spent quite a bit of time trying it myself.

Well, it appears to be a file naming issue. The FreePBX Call Monitor can’t “figure out” (from the filename) to which call the recording belongs. The comments in this thread pretty much sum it up:


So I can do on-demand recording, and then manually go find my files by looking in:


But I actually just turned on recording on all incoming/outgoing calls. I’ll probably create a cron job to delete old recordings. I’m a small-time user, so this isn’t a problem for me.

I’m still very thrilled with FreePBX. Can you imagine if this was a closed system with a tiny user base? I work on some of those. I’ve been trying to get one vendor to return E-Mails/calls about a SIP trunk issue (just a compatibility question) for nearly three weeks now.

The fact that I can: (1) Find other people experiencing my problem. (2) Find out why it is happening. (3) Discover suitable work-arounds. (4) Read of plans for fixes. Well, it is all pretty amazing.

It is pretty incredible!

To think, there is this great product that is 100% FREE is just awesome. Then having helpful forums and so many ways to find a solution or workaround to an issue, it’s great.