Feature codes not working in 2.1beta1

After installing 2.1beta1, none of the feature codes work. *98, *97, *69, *44. ANy suggestions on how to get these all back?

I have found some older versions of the extensions.conf, extensions_additional.conf and extensions_custom.conf and have been able to restore some codes…

Any help is tremendously appreciated!!

We have successfully upgraded to 2.1beta on 2 production machines this week.

No damage to any config files.

Just make sure you have recently run:
cd /usr/src/freepbx
svn update
amportal restart

As this fixed a few links that were broken during the upgrade to 2.1beta.

The worst we have experienced is after upgrading, *97 failed from our cisco phones. But was easily fixed by just going into FreePBX/Feature Code Admin, disabling *97, then re-enabling it.