Feature codes not working correctly

I am running Freepbx with Asterisk on Centos 6.4 final release and I am having issues with feature codes. When I try to do an attended in call transfer with *2 nothing happens except the caller can here the tones. When I try to save a recording with *77 it tells me that anonymous calling rejection is activated but if I try and change the feature code number in feature code admin then I get your call cannot be dialed. This is my first attempt at Freepbx, this is a leftover from the guy that used to work here before me, and I am out of ideas as to what to try next. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Sounds like there feature codes that are in conflict with the Asterisk feature codes, or the previous ADMIN has changed the feature codes.


I can see what the feature codes should be, but they are not working as they should. What is the file name where these are stored in asterisk?